Saturday, 12 November 2011

While you were on-stage...

The shows are going well - only two to go now, and I've been busy keeping morale up front of house (that's what Jane said I was doing when I commented that I wasn't doing much, so I shall stick to it).  So, just so that you know what's going on while the cast are busy doing their thing on stage, here are two photos, taken my on my not-very-high-quality iphone camera.

Firstly, the wardrobe team, now that *most* of the mayhem and panic is over.  There have been zips to fix and hems to alter, but this is what they have been reduced to:

In addition, there is lots of washing up to be done and the wearing of a DJ does not preclude one's ability to set to:
Sadly, my photographic abilities are nearly up to the standard of my phone's capabilities, so you can't really see that Brian is washing up behind the door as Caroline came in to view, but I'm sure you get the general idea.

Other than that - GREAT SHOW, GUYS (AND DOLLS)!

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